Office Bearers

Way back in1970, few enthusiastic behavioural biologists from Central College, Bangalore University and University of Agricultural Sciences (UAS), Bangalore, who used to meet over the weekends, conceptualized the idea of making their informal meet to a formal one. On 21st January 1970 at 4.30 pm in a meeting held at UAS, Bangalore, they formally announced the birth of the society named “Ethological Society of India”. The society came into existence with a view to foster and promote research and teaching of Animal Behaviour in the Universities in this country and outside by constituting an ad-hoc committee with Dr. M.L. Roonwal from Jodhpur University, Jodhpur, as its President and Dr. M.D. Parthasarathy from Bangalore University, as Secretary and the society was formally registered on 20th July 1971. Society has the distinction of having in the past, members from overseas. Prof. Y. Sugiyama from Japan and Prof. S.A. Barnett from University of Glasgow were members of this society. The society had the honour of having the world renouned behavioural biologist Prof.S.A. Barnett as the first Vice-president of the society. From the time of inception, the Society has successfully organized conferences annually in different parts of the country. Besides, the annual conference, society also organizes seminars in undergraduate colleges aiming to introduce the wonderful world of animals and their behaviour to the younger generation.